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It's Pompano Time

Pomps will eat shrimp just as quickly as they will sand fleas, but you'll have to re-bait much more frequently because a lot of "trash" fishes - such as those you've already encountered - will also eat the shrimp. Adding bright plastic mackerel beads above your hook(s) can help - their bright orange hue mimics the color of a sand flea's egg mass. Additionally, some pomp fishermen have found that placing small, round, fluorescent foam floats above their hooks helps; the floats not only serve as attractants but also help keep the fleas or shrimp slightly above the bottom.  One other point - when the water clears, try fishing various distances from shore - sometimes the pompano stay out a bit, but there are times that you'll find them right next to the beach.

Posted Tuesday, 04/12/11, 03:56 PM - Category: Fishing