Scallop Cove


July 11, 2014


Tuesday July 15 will be a great day to hunker down on the Cape. If you haven't heard, they are moving the Cape San Blas Lighthouse to the City of Port Saint Joe.  So I guess that makes it the Port Saint Joe Lighthouse!  At any rate, they are starting the move at 8:00 am.  So you probably can't get off the Cape, even to go to Apalach until they finish that move.  Probably around 11, I'm guessing.

Then they make the trip into town so 30 A will be closed most of the day.  That means you can't get to Port Saint Joe unless you head toward Apalach and make the turn on 98 from that direction.  You can also try 13 mile road.

Make sure you have all your groceries and drinks before Tuesday because the small businesses on the Cape may not be able to get deliveries from their suppliers.  That is beer, ice cream, chips, bread, milk, etc!

So this will be a great day to come to the Tackle Shop and get some gear to catch your dinner!  OR stock up on your Tee Shirts and souveniers.

07/11/14, 01:00 PM