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Scallop Cove Too STORE HOURS

Open Friday - Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM* est

*Seasonal and Weather permitting

Call: 850-229-1188

Rental2 Hour4 Hour8 Hour
Single Kayak/Paddle Board$40$50$60
Tandem Kayak/Canoe$50$60$70
2 Beach Chair & 1 Umbrella$10$15$30

Dive Flag Rental $5 for the day.  

Must have dive flag when snorkeling.

Sorry, we don't take reservations.


at St Joseph State Park

Concession at St. Joe State Park


The Florida Park Service is committed to providing assessable facilities, programs and services for all people including those with disabilities.  The Florida Park Service will make reasonable accommodations to enable individuals with disabilities to participate in and enjoy recreational opportunities and park experiences.  To request access or to review a complete copy of the accessibility and inclusion policy, please visit or call the nearest park ranger station at 850.227.1327

GS: 850.227.1573